How to listen to BNetRadio on your cell phone and in your car:

Listening to internet radio in a mobile environment is getting much easier. Now you can listen to BNetRadio in FM Stereo from your car or home stereo system anywhere your phone provider has broadband internet access. Unlike terrestrial radio stations, internet radio doesn’t fade away as you drive away from the station or a city. You can drive coast to coast and border to border and in many foreign countries and listen to BNetRadio. It requires a smartphone like the iPhone, Blackberry. Droid, Android or Windows Mobile based cell phone and an app called Wunderradio. Download and install the app from your providers app store. Make sure you have an unlimited data plan with your broadband wireless provider.


Another great broadband wireless device application is TuneIn Radio. This application is FREE from your app store for most Smartphones  and is very user friendly and stable. After it is installed just search for Tejano and we are at the top of the list of Tejano stations available.


TuneIn Radio for iPhone - 99 cents


TuneIn Radio for Android - FREE


TuneIn Radio for Blackberry - Free

Many cell phones allow you to use ear buds, headphones and/or Bluetooth devices to listen. Bluetooth FM Transmitters like the Motorola T505 or other similar products enable you to transmit what's coming out of your phone to an FM frequency in your car. It finds a frequency for you, tells you what it is and you tune the radio to it and whatever's coming out of your phone plays through your car's speakers. The T505 can also be used with your home or office stereo system and is a hands free device for making or taking calls. Prices for the T505 vary a lot, but do a search on the net for Motorola T505 or T-505 and you will be amazed at the low prices available.

Aux plugs! Many newer vehicles have an Aux plug for hooking an MP3 player to the car audio system. If your phone has a jack that you'd normally use for your earphones or headphones Just get a cord that plugs from that jack on your phone to your car's (or home stereo system) AUX jack and tune BNetRadio in on Wunderradio on your cell phone and you're good to go. Crank it up!